How many people are in our Network?

How many people are in our Network? The answer could be anywhere between 368 and 6 million people.

Hi. My name is Michelle Efendi and I am the founder of Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network. I began this initiative in August 2017 during Hurricane Harvey. I started by recruiting the Admins of locally based Facebook Groups in the area of Rockport, Texas. Every time I connected one of the Admins with myself and another Admin, we were actually adding Neighborhoods. By determining the volume of our Network, we consider not only the Admin but the amount of Group members in their own Group.

A lot of our Admins can have as little a 300 or 1,000 people, but the average is actually into the 1,000s. Many Admins having Groups with upwards of 17-20,000 people.

The mission of Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network is to create a support system, a place where the Admins of locally based Facebook Groups are able to information exchange and share logistical/emotional support. Every time we are help one Neighborhood Admin, we  are actually helping their Neighborhood, as well.

Our goal is to partner with agencies, such as FEMA or other national organizations, that are able to begin general conversations about preparedness. Then provide training to these Neighborhood leaders which will trickle down to their Neighborhoods.

Our thought is by training the 368 members of Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network, we are actually training the 6 million members that could comprise the high total average of their Groups. For example, if we have 368 members with 17,000 members each, that’s where I am getting the 6 million figure from.

We do hope we will continue to scale and again, our long term/short term goals are to start general conversations about preparedness that can reach the whole country in a smarter and more effective way.

For example, in my Town, the Town’s (municipal) Facebook page only has 3,000 followers, but the Neighborhood Group has almost 20,000 people in it. So we believe that because these Neighborhood Groups already have the subscribers, then we should be focusing on training the Admins of those Groups about preparedness so they may be able to share that information and influence with their Group (community in real life).

Thank you very much. We hope we will be able to continue together.