Where are Neighborhood Admins operating from?

The answer is everywhere!

When I first started Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network in August 2017, it was to connect the Admins of locally based Facebook Groups in the Rockport, Texas area. They were suffering from Hurricane Harvey and I felt it was really powerful to connect these Admins/Community Leaders in order to have information exchanged during this critical time.

As we can recall, after Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma was striking Florida so immediately after recruiting Admins in the Texas Gulf area, I moved onto recruiting Admins in the state of Florida. A large portion of Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network are Admins managing Neighborhoods in Texas and Florida. However, since then, I have made a real effort to recruit the Admins of locally based Facebook Groups across the entire country.

We do have Admins that are from Alaska. We also have Admins from Hawaii. We have Admins that are based in Maine and then also in Florida. Four corners of the United States all the way into the middle including Admins that are managing Groups in Oklahoma. They are all a part of this effort to connect, to information exchange, to support one another.

At this time, we are largely a national organization, however, I am very aware that Neighborhood Admins do exist across the entire globe. Facebook has 2.23 billion users monthly and I hope that in the future we are able to grow to a place where we can connect, particularly English speakers, throughout the entire world because we do share a lot of trends as Neighborhood Admins.

For our organization, we are right now, a national organization, however, we have hopes to become a global one.

Thank you!


Founder of Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network