Who are Neighborhood Admins?

Who are Neighborhood Admins?

Neighborhood Admins are the Admins of locally based Facebook Groups? A great example of a local Facebook Group would be a Town Talk Page. Another example would be a yard sale group or a group that was just for Moms or one that was started to discuss issues in a school district.

Neighborhood Admins are typically volunteers and they’re essentially acting as first responders. Most Neighborhood Admins are on their Facebook Group 24/7. Especially to make sure that there is no drama, right? And if there is a particular problem in town, you can expect that it is the first thing that s being discussed inside a Neighborhood Group. When I mention that Neighborhood Admins are essentially first responders, that is not an exaggeration. If there is a helicopter flying overhead, you can expect a post or two in the Group saying. “Did anyone hear that helicopter?”

What we expect or what we hope in Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network is to have Admins of locally based Facebook Groups who are eager to help their communities. Most of these Admins are really people first, they are neighborhood first, they are really striving to improve their communities and the communication available to or among Neighbors.

What we hope in Neighborhood Admins is to have a support system for one another. Because being a community leader, especially a virtual community leader, is a 24/7 job. It is certainly similar to being a congregation leader or a religious leader.  We have congregations of people, communities and the Neighborhood Admins is definitely a public role. There is a lot of responsibility involved and what we want in Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network is to have an organization of empathetic colleagues. Neighborhood Admins need a break, right?

We are looking forward to connecting more super connectors in our organization. We have Neighborhood Admins from Alaska to Key West in this Network. We expect more Neighborhood Admins as more people are turning to these Neighborhood Groups for information. People are shying away from being in bowling leagues and are now getting this type of community feeling from these Neighborhood Groups.

Neighborhood Admins are the leaders of these new congregations. They are the evangelicals of their neighborhoods. Which could be one town,  it could be comprised of surrounding towns, a county; we have Neighborhood Admins who are moderating conversations for their entire state.

We really see that Neighborhood Admins are stakeholders and we hope that we can improve their empowerment and their sense of value as they are extremely impactful and critical especially in times of emergency.

That’s who we are in a nutshell! We look forward to having more conversations about who Neighborhood Admins are, what type of support they need in order to make their communities more resilient.



Founder of Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network