Why is Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network important?

Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network is important for two reasons:

1. Neighborhood Admins need support.

2. Because of the potential to scale.

In the age of Social media, more people are relying on Facebook for a sense of direction. As the dependency increases, so does the stress on volunteer Neighborhood Admins.

Our resiliency network gives community leaders the tools to sustain their influence and make a greater.

By connecting the Admins of locally based Facebook Groups around the country, we are cultivating hundreds of under valued Human Resources.

By creating relationships among Neighborhood Admins, we are sharing trends, developing processes and making calls to action.

During Hurricane Harvey and other emergencies like it, it was not uncommon to find 911 lines jammed and people using their Neighborhood Facebook Group for life saving purposes.

Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network offers agencies, like FEMA, an opportunity to partner and educate the public about general preparedness in a smarter way.

For those reasons and more, Neighborhood Admins Resiliency Network is important.

To join, or partner with this Network, contact us.